MM-1s aren’t like other computer speakers. They’re true hi-fi speakers, shrunk to fit on your desktop. So they don’t just look great – they sound amazing, transforming your computer into a superb hi-fi stereo sound system.

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Full-range sound
Full-range sound

MM-1s have distinct bass/midrange and treble drivers. That's why they can deliver the accuracy of a true hi-fi speaker.

Technical features 2-way speaker
Fully active
Nautilus tube tweeters
Digital amplifier
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Switch mode power supply
USB streaming from PC/Mac
Remote control
Description Fully active 2.0 Multimedia speaker system
Drive units 2x f75mm (3.0 in) woofers
2x f25mm (1.0 in) tweeter
Frequency range 38Hz and 22kHz
Amplifier power output 4x18W
Power input voltage 100V - 240V ac 50/60Hz on external power supply
16V DC on product
Rated power consumption 12W (primary consumption)
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Inputs 3.5mm mini jack analogue
Mini USB B 2.0 for PC connection: Streaming & software upgrades
Outputs 3.5mm mini jack Headphone output
Height 170mm free standing
Width 100mm
Depth 100mm free standing
Net weight 0.85kg per speaker
Finish Enclosure: ABS with spun aluminium top plate
Grilles: Black cloth
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Reviews (7)


Trusted Reviews - August 2011Read the full review

"Mid- and high-end notes are equally well-delivered, coming across with excellent clarity and poise. The overall impact is to allow you to simply sink into your music as into a warm bath, simply letting album after album wash over you like so many soapy suds. The MM-1's are equally at home with the grungy tones of Nirvana as they are with the swinging jive of Frank Sinatra, the haunting melodies of Poe or the striking compositions of Wagner. The MM-1s do an excellent job of making compressed music sound decent. 320kbps MP3s sound great and even the half-dozen 256kbps AAC (iTunes Plus) tracks we have sounded pretty decent. Stepping up to some 24-bit FLACs did reveal extra elements of detail to Beethoven's 9th, among other, similarly epic tracks. The transparency the MM-1s deliver is particularly noteworthy; you can really get a feel for where in the mix each and every element was mastered, whether a cello, a flute, a viola or a xylophone."


TechRadar - February 2011Read the full review

"These desktop speakers from B and W offer excellent sound quality in a small form. We don't even want to know whether that DSP is doing some loudness control: the fact is that at any level setting the sound is just astonishingly clear, well balanced and detailed. Dispersion is stunning, the sound being highly consistent almost anywhere roughly in front of the speakers and the imaging is excellent. It opened our eyes to new standards of attainment possible from miniature hi-fi."


Pocket-lint - November 2010Read the full review

"The Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 are beautifully simple in their design and we can see why they are stocked at the Apple store as they compliment the minimalist design of your iMac perfectly. We tried a range of music genres, and a little gaming and movie watching. The long and short of it is that the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 sound fantastic. The bass sometimes gets a little lost if you throw something really heavy at it, but there is surprising punch to the delivery overall. The MM-1 also manage to deliver at higher volumes without distorting. If you want to quickly and easy improve the audio performance of your computer with something that looks sensational, then you won’t be disappointed with the performance that the MM-1 offers."


The Gadgeteer - October 2010Read the full review

"If you want just about the cleanest, most satisfying listening experience possible from desktop speakers, then you gotta try these. When I first heard the MM-1s, my reviewer mode immediately kicked in and I tried to think of a short, clever description. And one word kept coming back… effortless. And that’s the magic. The MM-1s sound full, warm and accurate with just the right amount of bass without breaking a sweat. Clean, both in sound and design and fastidiously accurate."


PC Advisor - June 2010Read the full review

"Packed with advanced drivers and electronics that put the vast majority of desktop speakers to shame. Construction quality of the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 is exemplary, Audio is bouncy, infectiously rhythmic given half the chance, and incredibly wideband sounding. Design and construction are first-class, a stylish wrapper over the most supremely musical desktop PC speakers we’ve heard to date. Speakers this small have absolutely no right to sound so damn good."


What Hi-Fi - May 2010Read the full review

"Make no mistake, these are hi-fi speakers – they’re just small. Put someone in a blindfold and sit them at your desk; play Please Read The Letter from the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss collaboration Raising Sand through a pair of B&W MM-1s, and then ask them to tell you what kind of system they’re listening to. Chances are they’ll say many things before they utter the words, “a pair of PC speakers.” These compact, stylish speakers have won an Award for the past two years with good reason."


Electric Pig - April 2010Read the full review

"Stunning sound, great looks, makes your PC tunes sound brilliant. It’s no stretch to say the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 speakers are the very best PC speakers we’ve ever used. Not only do they sound amazing, they look the part as well. Crank the MM-1s up ands you’ll be astonished at just how loud they are, not to mention that distortion is never an issue, even with the grimiest of hip-hop. The low end is remarkable good and the 4 x 18W amp power output will satisfy even the most fastidious of hi-fi junkies. Even listening to the radio through them is a joy. There’s a warm gorgeous feel to them. Best of all though is the aux input, which plays nice with both iPods and iPhones, which means you can use the MM-1s even while your computer us having a rest. We’re smitten with them. If you take your music seriously and have most or all of it loaded up to your PC and MP3 player, these are a worthwhile investment."


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