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Interior design

The incredible sound of Bowers & Wilkins speakers, discretely integrated into your interior design

Bowers & Wilkins makes the world’s best Hi-Fi loudspeakers. You can also experience this sound quality from speakers that fit into the walls and ceilings of your home, taking up no floor space and which are almost completely invisible to the eye.

Discreet design

A choice of grilles, ultra-thin bezels and dark cone materials means a Bowers & Wilkins system integrates seamlessly into its environment.

Extensive range

A wide choice of high-performing options means that it is simple to design a system that perfectly meets your requirements.

50 years of audio excellence

50 years of audio excellence

Bowers & Wilkins has 50 years’ experience in making the very best audio equipment in the world. From humble beginnings behind an electronics shop in Worthing, we are now a global leader in sound, with millions of satisfied customers around the world, and we continue to produce the finest loudspeakers, headphones and wireless speakers available.

Best materials

Materials science sits at the heart of our loudspeakers. From the pioneering use of Diamond and aramid fibre to the latest Continuum cones we continually strive for the very best.


The acoustic engineers at Bowers & Wilkins are constantly pushing the limits of their understanding of audio technology, and with it the understanding of the entire industry.

More to explore


In-Ceiling speakers

Our In-Ceiling loudspeakers are designed to deliver pristine sound from above.

Outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers

Weatherproof speakers are perfect for great sound outdoors or indoors in areas of high moisture.

Outdoor speakers

In-Wall speakers

Our In-Wall speakers deliver high-performance, pristine audio but don’t take up valuable floor space.

Custom theatre

Custom Theatre

Experience the joy of professional-quality surround sound with our award-winning Custom Theatre.

Custom Theatre

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